I wanted to share the Moog from the Google Doodle with you yesterday. I caught it early on in the morning and thought “wow I will be one of the first to share this!” Then I started playing it. Big mistake. Needless to say between that and booking a festival and launching a business network, I suddenly found the day gone and so many Google Moog articles up that it really seemed pointless.

Much of the same feeling may be found today when going to google.com. After all, we have omnibars to do our “googling" these days. Why couldn’t Google keep it’s ode to the great-beyond-measure Robert Moog? Surely we need a digital synthesizer in our lives each day.

I am mostly joking. Really how much work got done in tech offices around the world yesterday while workers were playing “Cars” and Daft Punk on the Google Moog? Google’s home page being that addicting everyday may be the fall of our economy + civilization all together. They were looking out for us! (99% joking)

I still found myself abnormally upset that the “Moogle” had transformed back into a “Google” even before midnight PST. That is, until I remembered something from the years of browsing the internet’s most productive tools.

Google has a ton of hidden gems, one of them being the Google Doodle archives, where luckily the Robert Moog Google Doodle Memorial will stand proud + function for as long as the internet exists. 

Plus, for those less “Funk”-y days, there is a Les Paul tribute of the Doodle that is amazing as well and also was/is able to record and send. 

Moog, Les Paul, Google… you complete us (but really, thanks for the genius, the innovation, and the endless inspiration).

Here is where you may find the Doodles (hopefully after business/school hours):



And if you find yourself needing an educational break, we highly recommend reading  Robert Moog’s short auto-bio he wrote at only 17!

Enjoy + Make Music!

Oh and send it to us!

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