Watch:  Daniel Hart, LIVE @ 502 Bar in San Antonio 

If you haven’t caught on to the music of the talented Daniel Hart, please take a moment to listen and perhaps purchase some of his music for yourself. It will be well worth it, we promise. For those of you who are unaware, Daniel plays violin for acclaimed Indie act St. Vincent.

    “I had the pleasure of seeing Daniel Hart perform at the 502 Bar in San Antonio, as well as meeting him and his lovely band. He was incredible. I found myself mesmerized by his violin. It was my last night in San Antonio as I won’t return there for school in the fall (excited about that) and I’m so glad I left San Antonio on a high note. 

    This is “Black Licorice" off of The Orientalist album. I had forgotten my shotgun mic so I had to make due with the on-board camera mic. It’s not horrible sounding, but not great. The video also could’ve been more interesting, but I was just sitting on the side.” -Breanna Granzow

Daniel has also granted us an interview which we are very excited to include for you in the next issue of the magazine. [check out this month’s issue + get our free music sampler, both available free on our blues sky + b-sides page]

[Photos:Illyana Video:Breanna Granzow ]
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